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About Supatha

It is nice of you to spare some time to know about us. Thanks and welcome to Supatha.

There are as many people outside Andhra Pradesh, as there are within the State. Those who live in other states and other countries find it very difficult to buy Telugu books of their choice as and when required. While there are several online book stores in English and other Indian languages, there is hardly any, worth the name in Telugu.

Even within our state, book publishing and book selling industry is woefully behind the times. Writers and small publishers find it very difficult to sell their books and recover even the costs of production. Even the handful of book distributors who monopolized the market to the detriment of small time players, have no presence in many districts and dozens of cities. Needless to say, book lovers living in a major part of the state, have no book store, selling good literature, within their reach. We launched this website with a view to fill this blatant gap, as much as we can, and make the latest and choicest books available to the readers at their doorstep. Besides, we would also like to promote good literature in English and other languages also, and help deserving writers and reputed publishers, get wider reach and better returns. Besides printed books we intend to offer e-books and audio books too in a big way, in a phased manner. We shall keep you posted with our progress from time to time